Dear, woman!

Dear, woman!

Dear woman, I hope you wake up this morning with a big smile on your face and feel so much love in your heart when you look at your reflection in the mirror.

Not because you are perfect, have everything figured out or you never make mistakes or fall down. But because you realise that there is not a single soul on this earth that looks, thinks, feels, and loves the way you do. And that is so damn beautiful.

I hope you know that whether you’re ‘succeeding’ or ‘failing’ by the world’s standards does not determine your worth. Whether you’re tall or short, skinny or curvy, gentle or wild, sporty or feminine, single or in a relationship—but those are just descriptions; they don’t make up who you are. You will not celebrate every single moment; you will not always exude confidence and joy that doesn’t mean you’re lacking; it means you’re human.

Your beauty isn’t easily defined by your appearance but in the way you laugh, in the way you pursue what you’re passionate about, in the way you spread your love whenever you go.

Your personal odyssey is all about self-love, a continual journey of finding & re-defining yourself. What matters is that you keep going, keep believing that you are worthy no matter what. Imperfection doesn’t change that.

Because of the laughter, the drive, the soul, the person you are cannot be replicated. Because you experience things differently, feel differently.

And that’s what makes you beautiful—the imperfect, complex, messy, wonderful you.

And I love you #💖